Best friends dating best friends funny dating site jokes

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Best friends dating best friends

Here’s what I learned when they started dating: Don’t freak out.

It’s natural to want to blow things out of proportion when you find out your friends are dating each other.

If they ask you for help, put your foot down and kindly let them know that’s where you draw the line. Let them know that if they break up, you won’t choose sides or stop being friends with either of them, unless, of course, one of them did something horrendous, like cheat or say they hate puppies.

Even though it’s not always perfect or the best move for everyone, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite things I’ve learned about dating (and eventually marrying) one of my best friends: When you’re first dating someone, you always want to look your best, even when you’re just watching a movie at home.

Since he was my best friend for so long, I felt comfortable with him, even wearing PJ’s or sweats when we hung out. Instead of starting from scratch to create memories connecting you, you have oodles of memories together already.

Life isn’t always easy, but knowing how committed you both are to making the relationship work will help you take care of your issues sooner than later.

No matter how much I thought I knew about my friend, it doesn’t even compare to how much I’ve been learning since we’ve been together.

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What if you got to skip that part when you start dating someone? You go into the relationship already knowing you have each other’s backs.

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